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What Is The Role Of Vocational Rehabilitation Expert In Personal Injury?

Personal Injury

If you suffer any sort of harm as a result of negligence of any individual or any company; you can file a personal injury lawsuit against him in order to claim the damages for the loss suffered by you. When a person faces any major accident like a car accident he not only sustains the physical injury or the loss of property but in addition to this, many a times his normal life is also disturbed for example he cannot join his job for months. In such a situation by filing a personal injury law suit and with the help of vocational expert you can be placed in a comparable job. Hence, vocational rehabilitation helps the person who has suffered injury to return to the work or job based on their work skill and medical condition.

Aim of vocational rehabilitation

The very aim of the vocational rehabilitation is to help the injured person to regain his participation in the work. Vocational rehabilitation helps the injured person to get the employment for earning his livelihood keeping in consideration his medical injures. If you opt for a vocational rehabilitation program you will undergo a development program, that will help you in developing your working skills and abilities in order help you in getting the employment.

Role of vocational expert

Vocational rehabilitation expert plays a very important role in rehabilitating you in order to get the job to support your livelihood. If the injury caused in an accident makes the person incompetent to return to his past job or profession then there comes the role of vocational rehabilitation expert as he helps you in finding the employment that suits your skill, qualification and your present medical condition. A rehabilitation expert works with your economist and the life care planner in order to determine your future employment, wages etc. In addition to this, he also helps your lawyer by providing various testimonies that support your case.

The rehabilitation expert does a detailed study about your employment, skills and sources of earning, keeping your present medical condition in the purview such as they enquire about your past employment history, wages, your present ability of working, your transferable skills etc. The work of rehabilitation expert is of utmost importance in the personal injury lawsuit as in addition to your present job settlement they also help in claiming the amount of your lost wages. They determine the amount of your lost wages through mathematical calculation based on your current work and your future earning, if you wouldn’t have suffered the injury.

They also specify the injury in the court that proves your disability of performing certain task during your job, for example – as a result of the injury if you are not eligible for lifting a certain amount of weight, the rehabilitation expert will specify the same in his report. He also helps your lawyer in claiming your lost wages by providing him the valuable information for arguing in the court.